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MINIOWN-Go Kart Conversion Kit for Hoverboards

by MINI OWN on January 23, 2019

I had seen this and several forums that people were using to add a go-kart ability to their hoverboard. We bought this for our son and ever since it arrived he's been riding it everyday since. in regards to several reviews stating that there was an issue with the velcro straps one idea I came up with is wrapping electric tape around the opening where the velcro straps go being that if it's not properly put on or Loosely put on better to say it will rub against the metal therefore snapping the velcro strap. However it's a good idea to routinely check to make sure that the straps are tight and properly place as well as adding the layers of electric tape should help prevent the straps from snapping. In the images I am submitting you can see that it is definitely capable of a variety of functional moves as our son has already begun to master two wheels on it. I did also attached a front and rear light usually found on bicycle accessories so that if he wanted to ride it at night he would be visible to any vehicles on the road as well being able to see what's coming ahead of him. Definitely a fun attachment kit that can be placed on a standard hoverboard quite easily for anybody that enjoy the freedom of moving around in a unique way. Definitely recommend a seller as well as the product all parts are of good quality and definitely solid build.Go for a stroll


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