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MINIOWN-Ninebot Electric Gokart Kit - Convert MiniPRO S into Go-Kart Drifting

by MINI OWN on January 23, 2019

This is a general review of the Segway/Ninebot product ecosystem.Go for a stroll
So Christmas 2018 will be forever known as the year of the Segway/Ninebot in our home. We ended up buying:
- 2 Segway miniPRO with the 236Wh battery
- 2 Ninebot Gokart Kits
- 1 Segway MiniLITE

We are super happy with everything so far after two weeks. The biggest issues we have had are:
1. BATTERY RANGE NOT AS LONG AS DESCRIBED: Don't get me wrong all three Segways go a nice long distance. But it's not 10-15miles. More like 5-10. That is perfectly acceptable for us. If you buy the miniPro 320 you get a bigger battery but you won't be able to take in on a commercial flight due to the battery size.
2. IT FALLS OVER WHEN OFF: There is no included kickstand, it is like a $5 part but you have to buy it after market. Kinda wish they included it.
3. SQUEAKY. I am not sure why but in Segway mode the miniPRO kinda makes a creaky sound. Not sure why since our miniLITE is dead silent.

THE iPHONE APP: As far as the the APP and the bluetooth connection, it is very user friendly. It gets tricky when all three Segways are in use to connect to the correct one but that is expected. Also when setting up the GoKart mode it is a little confusing how things need to be connected, but after watching a video on YouTube (by Kahn Flicks) we got it sorted out. What is nice about the app is you get accurate battery status including charge, temperature, and health.Go for a stroll

BATTERY: Speaking of batteries so far the battery health has been excellent, I think they are using LG 18650 batteries. These are high quality batteries, and they are using the appropriate battery management system so it won't catch fire like those silly little hover boards. While the 236Wh battery is the Segway miniPRO (model N3M260) is sufficient for using it in Segway mode, it is a bit small for the GoKart, it will get the job done but with the Segway miniPRO 320 (model N3M320) you get 25% more battery and better range. . Here are the battery sizes by Model the bigger the battery the farther you can go (think gas tank size):
- Segway miniLITE 155 Wh
- Ninebot S (new) 236 Wh
- Segway minPRO (model: N3M260) 236 Wh (This Model)
- Segway miniPRO (model: N3M320) 310 Wh

BUILD QUALITY: Build quality has been very good, other than the creaky sound of the miniPRO everything has exceeded our expectations. Particularly the GoKarts. They are very very well engineered. They have a solid welded and powder coated tubular frame, with super high quality parts and fasteners. For example the seatbelt could have been just a cheep plastic off-the-shelf seatbelt. But no... they built an aluminum C&C anodized thing of beauty that kids will still forget to buckle. Really everything has a very high level of fit and finish and I appreciate it.

FUN: The GoKart kit is like buying your kid a Tesla. The acceleration is amazingggggg!!!!! The regular Segway mode is also very fun, it has no problem with hills or bumps. We love all of our Ninebot/Segway products. Well worth the cost.Go for a stroll


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