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Now we're talking! (assembly tips included below)

by MINI OWN on January 23, 2019

In any case, here are a few tips.Go for a stroll

1. Update the firmware on your app. Even if you already did, check it again. I thought my firmware was up to date since I'd just updated it a couple days earlier, but something about the Segway being attached to the Kart or them being in the same room together makes more updates available. And even when you think you're done updating, you probably aren't.

After I assembled the kart and powered up, the app showed the Segway instead of the Kart, and it told me there was a firmware update. I updated the app and figured we were done with updates. But we weren't. After assembling the Kart and powering it up the first time, the red light on the steering column was flashing and loud beeps were going off, five short ones and seven long ones, and there was no power to the accelerator. This is not good. To make a long story short, I detached the Segway and removed it from the Kart, checked the firmware for the Segway itself, and sure enough, there were three new updates. After running those, the red light and beeps went away and we had power.

2. Assembly goes like this.Go for a stroll

Remove the steering mechanism from the Segway. There's a quick release at the bottom. Just undo the quick release and pull the steering bar off. Then remove the red steering bar holder by removing the two hex screws. It's pretty snug so you might have to wiggle it a bit. The Kart came with a box complete with brackets, screws, one wrench and this odd little metal part with two prongs that came with the kart DON'T GO ANYWHERE ON IT. They are actually only used if you can't pull the Segway steering bar holder off. You create this makeshift removal tool with them. I missed that part of the instructions and sat there wondering for a while why I had all these extra parts.

The screws for the seat extension are already in the extension bars and they can't come out. The screws in the box are only for the extraction tool you probably won't need.

There is a plastic part that goes over the top of the Segway base, strapped under the kart. Unstrap the straps and put the plastic piece the only way it can go on the Segway base.

Put the base under the Kart with the power button facing you. Here's the real fun part. The two power cords are just long enough to find each other and attach. They attach on the outside of the power cover, not behind it. If you use reading glasses, you're going to need them. Take a couple breaths then try your best to line up the power cords. If either one was about an 1/8 of an inch longer, this would be easy. But they're not and so you'll feel like you're going to pull one of the cords out in the process. The fact that you have to repeatedly separate these in order to charge the Segway or remove it is a concern. They are not going to last.

Adjust the steering column and the seat. The seat is easy. The four screws I mentioned that are already in the adjusting bars just need to line up with the position holes (tighten these down good. After our trial runs, they were all loose).

The steering column is odd. The Kart comes with a quick release but it's not what you think, it's not like a quick release on a bike seat or scooter handle where you pop the release bar, move whatever it was holding, then lock it back down. It doesn't release anything, it just makes it easier to tighten the nut that holds the steering column in position. When you want to adjust the steering column for someone taller or shorter, you have to remove the entire "quick" release, move the column, then put the release screw and latch back in. And they are not willing participants in the process.

Put your reading glasses back on, then open the battery compartment on the steering column. Look closely... the images of the battery are white and, you guessed it, so is the plastic holder. They're hard to see at first, but they indicate which direction the batteries on the bottom and top go.

Push the power button, connect your app, then follow the training instructions. If you get the red light and beeps, see above re the firmware. The training is basically going forward once, then backward and you're done. Take it outside and run it at the lower or middle speed. You'll need to have your phone with you for two reasons. First, after you go something like 1,000 meters, you can enable the top speed on the app. You have to be stopped completely to do this. The other reason you'll need your phone is because, after taking this thing for a good spin, you're going to want to order another one.Go for a stroll


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